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Over 20 years experience in financial services


Our principal, Kris Taylor, has worked with most major banks, merchant banking companies, investment banking companies, and independents over 20 years in the business.

We are an independent financial consulting firm - we do not buy or sell securities or investments, insurance, or mortgages.  Our job is to get you the best services at the best price using our knowledge of the industry.  

Our business model is rather unique - we will never ask you for a check, fees, or your investment money.  Our business model is based around holistic planning and connecting you with the services that meet your needs.  Any institution that we refer you to we can negotiate on your behalf and get you the best deal - the institution will pay us, you will never pay us a fee for our comprehensive services.

Contact us today with your financial questions.  We can usually reduce your fees, get you better performance, lower interest rates, and a better overall financial package with services ranging from mortgages to estate planning and executor services.

Because we are provider agnostic, it is not a problem for us to refer you to one bank for one product, another bank for a different product, and a independent for yet another product that you need.  

Because we do not buy or sell securities or lending products we also do not have a compliance department telling us what we are and are not allowed to tell you like at most major banks and financial institutions.

Call us today to schedule a call to start the "discovery process" (not unlike what you would go through with a lawyer) so we can determine if your needs are being met.  We will put together a comprehensive plan as to how you can get there and what providers we would recommend that will get you there.

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